Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mini Cheer Bow tutorial / DIY

Mini (4 inch) Cheer Bow Tutorial

What you will need:



         embroidery thread

         2.25 grosgrain ribbon (18 inches)

         3 inches 3/8 matching grosgrain ribbon

         pony o or partially lined alligator clip

         lighter (for heat sealing)

         small zip tie (optional)

         jewelry snipping tool

         glue gun/glue sticks (not pictured)

To begin, Cut 18 inches of 2.25 ribbon and fold in half to make a visible crease.

 (Optional) Mark the ribbon where your crease is (this will help with centering your bow)

Next you are going to cross the tails of your ribbon around the front and angle downward as shown in the picture (keeping your center crease in the middle)

Keeping the bow centered - you are going to stitch the top two ribbons only and secure with thread.

only and secure with thread.

Stitch the back ribbon in the center (where your mark is) and secure with thread.

Your bow should look like this.

Center your front and back stitches and secure them together with thread.

Now it is time to secure your Pony O (or alligator clip) to the back center of your bow and secure with thread.

***Optional**** Add your zip tie to the center of your bow and secure with the connecter to the lower back of your bow. Use your jewelry snips to cut the excess piece off.

Glue your 3/8 ribbon on to your Pony O (or back of your clip).

Wrap the ribbon around the center and glue to the back.

Make your V cuts by folding your ribbon in half and cut at an upward angle. Dont forget to heat seal your ends!

 Be sure to post your cute creations on the I Like Big Bows chat group, we would love to see. 

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