Wednesday, July 8, 2015

HOW TO make bottlecap images using picsart

A PICSART TUTORIAL (for iOS): How to make a BCI

1.    Install the Picsart app HERE  it's FREE!

2.    You will need a 4x6 BCI template. These measure 1800 x 1600 pixels. DO NOT save directly from a Facebook post (in comments). They are not sized properly. You can find a proper template by searching Google, Etsy, Pinterest, or join a BCI group on Facebook such as CraftyAmigas. Save the template to your device as an image.

3.    Search for your images ON YOUR PHONE/DEVICE…this can be virtually anywhere. Search FB, Pinterest, Google, Bing, Clip Art sites, your own photos, etc. You can always connect your phone to your computer and upload saved images from your hard drive to your phone and/or email photos to yourself and save that way.

4.    When you find something you like, SAVE THE IMAGE ON YOUR DEVICE. Do not save screen shots of images, these are lower quality. When searching on Google, choose the largest size image (by pixels).

5.    Now you can go back to launching the app; begin by pressing "EDIT" it will ask you from where to search. It will ask you for permission the first time to access your camera roll, etc. It can also search from your Picasa, Chrome, Google +, Dropbox, and other stored sources of images.

6.    Click on "PHOTOS"

7.    Select "CAMERA ROLL" (for iPhone) & tap the picture you want.

8.    Once it opens, tap on "TOOL” 

9.    Then tap on "SHAPE CROP" 

10.  Tap the "CIRCLE" shape towards the bottom of the screen  *if you accidentally tap the ad at the very bottom, hit the 'X' or cancel)

11.  A circle will appear. Use your finger to slide up and out the cropping tool icon. TIP: To maintain the proportions of the circle (so it doesn’t get misshapen or lose symmetry, place TWO FINGERS over (but still inside)  the circle and move them apart (like you’re making “V” or zooming a picture).

12.  When you have the part of the picture in the circle you want, hit the check mark in the upper right hand corner. 

13.  If you want the circle to have a border, slide the "OUTER BORDER" tool left or right. Tap the white (default) square if you want to change the border color. 

14.  Tap the checkmark to finish.

15.  Save by tapping the the little floppy disk icon at the middle on top of your screen. On an iPhone, it creates a Picsart album, but it also saves to your camera roll and photo stream (if you have it set to auto save on the photo stream).

16.  Do this for each photo you want to make into a BCI.

17.  Once you have this done, hit the "X" in the upper left and it will take you back to the the "EXPLORE" screen. On the bottom, you'll see several little icons. Select the one in the middle that looks like 2 flower petals. 

18.  Tap the "EDIT"  button and tap on "PHOTOS". Find the blank template you first saved and select it. Go to the bottom of your screen and slide to the left the choices until you find "ADD PHOTO" button. Tap it. It will take you back to your camera roll. Find one of your cropped circles, select it, & hit 'DONE'.

19.  It will appear on top of your template. You'll see 4 dots on each corner. Pull in or out to adjust the size. Use your finger to move it into place. Make sure you make it match your cropped circle to the circle shape on the template.

20.  Keep adding photos and adjusting them until your template is filled. Hit save. If you need to finish later, hit save at any point & you can go back to edit that sheet at another time.

21.   If you get a black or white box around your cropped circle, DON’T WORRY! :-)  tap the STAR above (that’s the SHAPE CROP TOOL) and RE-CROP YOUR CIRCLE. 

22.  There are various ways to upload to your computer: Connect your phone to your computer & upload; Email the picture to yourself, open your mail while using your desktop and download image;  Save to cloud storage & open while using your desktop.  To print from your computer: make sure you select the paper size 4x6 and select 'fill the entire sheet'. To print from mobile: it is recommended you use an app designed for your wireless printer brand. For example: HP ePrint (iTunes)  or Canon Easy- Photoprint (iTunes) or for Android Canon Easy (Android)

23.  If you don't print from home, saved sheets can be uploaded to Walgreens, Costco, etc. photo printing using their apps and/or directly from their websites.


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