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DIY Kawasaki Flower Ribbon tutorial

For this flower you will use 5 squares of each color for the petals and just one square of the green for a leaf.
I used 1.5".  You can easily eliminate the leaf and just do 6 petals instead.

You will take the color you want to use for the outside of the petal and fold it into a triangle  like this.

Fold your second inside color into a triangle and add it to the first one
(optional, you can make these all with just one color and one layer per petal if you choose).

Fold both ribbons down like this from one corner

Now fold down both ribbons from the other corner like this

Then fold the right and left points down to meet each other so it looks like this.

This is the back side view of what you want it to look like

Trim the tip of the petal to even it up and heat seal this trimmed edge

You want to tack each petal by putting a stitch up through the middle of the petal and our through the right...See next pic. (I usually trim and heat seal the tip to even it up before  I tack  them,  I got  snappy  with  the  camera  lol)

Pull the needle through but not all the way

Then stitch through the entire petal going the opposite way.

Then once more back the direction you just came from and trim off the excess thread

This will tack your petal together  so you can make the rest.

Make a total of 5 petals following the same method.

For your leaf you will only need one piece of square ribbon. I also used 1.5 inches for this

Fold this piece in half like this.

And then in half again like this

And one last time in half like this

This is how it will look from the top

Trim the edge of the leaf as well and heat seal this too.

Now you start threading  all of the petals and the leaf onto your needle. Try to keep these lined up as much as possible

This is how you want it to look once you have all the petals threaded on your upholstery thread/embroidery  floss or whatever  you use.

Tie this  in a knot and pull it as tight as you can get it but not so tight that the petals can't be adjusted.

You want it to look like this. I usually triple knot my thread. Then trim off the excess thread

Adjust your petals to look like this.

This is what  it will look like from the back.

I like to put a little dab of glue between the petals. But this is optional too.

Then I stick my pinky in each petal to open them up a bit.

This flower was made using 1.5 inch squares but you could use 3x3 if you wanted also. 1.5 inch ribbon yields about a 1.5 inch around flower.

Glue a 1 inch felt piece to the back. I usually run my lighter over the back before I glue just for good measure in case there are any loose pieces of thread

This will be the back of your finished flower.

Add an embellishment in the center with hot glue and voila! You can add this to a headband or clip, whatever  you choose.

A BIG thank you to Maggie with ScribbleBip Boutique for this tutorial.  

Any questions be sure to comment below or come visit us in the I Like Big Bows chat group! I would love to see you post your creations. 

Until next time,

Megan with Little Miss Bowtique

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