Thursday, June 4, 2015

Patriotic Loopy Flower tutorial (bow DIY) How to make loopy flowers

These 2.5" ribbon loopy flowers are so fun! 
They are perfect for summer and how fun to show your American pride!

What you will need:
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Needle
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Scissors
  • Lighter for heat sealing
  • Lined Alligator Clip (click here for details instructions on how to line)
  • 8 pieces of 3/8" ribbon cut and heat sealed measuring 3.5"
    • in this tutorial I am using 5 of the stripes and 3 of the blue polka dot
  • 8 pieces of 3/8" ribbon cut and heat sealed measuring 3"
    • in this tutorial I am using 5 of the stripes and 3 of the blue polka dot
  • A center embellishment of your choosing. Today I am using a finished bottle cap.  
  • Felt circle 

For the bottom layer we are using your longer stripes first... the 3.5".

Take your ribbon and lay the ends on top of each other, forming a loop on top. Place the end of your ribbon onto your needle.

Now I leave all my pieces on my needle as I work and pull through in the end. This is up to you. I just like having more control over the placement of my pieces.

Continue adding your loops onto your needle until you have used all your 3.5" pieces.

Now time to add your second layer of loops, the 3" stripes.

I like to start on the opposite side I just ended on.

Add your loops onto your needle as you did before, going around to form a loopy flower on top of your bottom layer.
 Now the fun part!!!! Pull your needle completely through your ribbon and hold tight!

Push your needle back through the ribbons a few times to stitch it together. Tie off and you are ready to add a clip.

Take your lined alligator clip and glue your felt circle inside the clip.

Glue your felt circle to the back of your creation. Not only does this ensure your clip is secure... It acts as a base for your loops to keep them in there place.

If you feel like your stitches are loose you can now add small dabs of glue between the loops in the center. Just be careful... not too much! You don't want this adorable small bow to start to feel heavy and too stiff.
Now lets dress this cutie up!

Get creative, test out new ideas with your embellishments. For this creations im adding a finished bottle cap. I have cut the image, applied an epoxy circle and attached inside a bottle cap. I then glued a small felt circle to the back of the cap to help ensure it doesn't go anywhere or fall off once secure.

Find your center and glue your embellishment in!

Now to find a little miss to model for you!

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

Until next time,
Megan with Little Miss Bowtique
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