Saturday, June 20, 2015

*Mini Tutorial* Adding embellishments to Funky Loop bows


Hi, my name is Ericka of The Fun Fairy Boutique—Home of the Funky Loopy Bow Tutorial! A Funky Loopy Bow (or an “FLB”, as they are typically called) is a popular Over-the-Top bow style know for it’s fluffy, bubble-like and “funky” appearance. I am thankful to the I Like Big Bows Blog for allowing me to share with you today a short tutorial demonstrating an example of how to decorate Funky Loopy Bows. I hope what I show you inspires you to want to make Funky Loopy Bows your newest go-to canvas of creativity!

What You Will Need:

Hot Glue & Glue Sticks
Craft Felt Scraps
E6000 or any Clear Permanent Adhesive
Bow Embellishments*

*Some ideas for bow embellishments:
Ostrich Feather Puffs
Lace Fans
Tulle Fans
Mini Bows
Finished Bottlecaps
Finished Plastic Resin Centers
Novelty Buttons


1. Here are the embellishments I will be using for the example bow. Prepare your embellishments by gluing small pieces of scrap felt to the point of contact between the embellishment and your bow. The felt will help form a stronger bond between the embellishments and the ribbon. I added the felt to the soft items using hot glue, and E6000 for the resin snowflake. Any clear strong, permanent adhesive will do, you don’t have to use exactly E6000. But using something stronger than hot glue to adhere the felt to anything heavy is recommended.

2. I’m going to start by adding my feather puff to the back of the bow by applying hot glue to the small felted area. The following two photos will show where I am applying my feather puff in greater detail.


2a. These two photos show the ideal area for adding items like feather puffs, lace fans or tulle puffs.

2b. You may need to add an additional small drop of hot glue to close the gap between your embellishments and the back loops of your FLB after the items are in place.

3. Next I am going to glue on my lace fan in a similar fashion. Once the hot glue is bonded, “fluff” the bow fillers back into place and arrange any fillers or korkers that may have become tangled during the process.


4. The most stable place for heavy items such as bottle caps, resins, cameos or any large or heavy bow centers are the loops of your FLB. I prefer to put the main focal centers on the middle loops. This is where I will be placing the snowflake resin.


5. The front loops are also great for additional centers or embellishments. I am going to glue my mini bow directly over one of the front loops of my FLB.


The finished bow! If you enjoyed today’s mini tutorial, keep in mind that it is just a small taste of the overall wealth of Funky Loopy Bow knowledge from my complete Funky Loopy Bow Tutorial and the additional resources available in my Facebook group.


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