Friday, June 26, 2015

HOW TO MAKE: Hanging Headband and Bow Holder / DIY

I recently changed my daughters room. With her growing collection and new love for hard headbands I needed to find a creative solution to store her pretties. Here is what I came up with. I am loving that french barrettes clip into the 7/8" ribbon perfectly, her piggies can be clipped into the 1.5" ribbon and center and best of all.... Great hard headband storage.

Supplies need:
  • 1.5" ribbon in the desired length of your holder
  • 7/8" ribbon (I recommend leaving this on the roll and cutting in the end, you will see why)
  • A 2" D-ring
  • Sewing machine with coordinating thread 
  • Lighter for heat sealing

For this tutorial I am using... 30" of 1.5'' ribbon, 60" of 7/8" and I have 12 loops. All the ribbon you see here is from Ribbon Queen. You can find her by clicking the following links. . .

1. Start at the end of your ribbons. Heat seal and stitch them together.

2. Measure out 4" and loop your ribbon and stitch it again. (this gives you a 2" loop)

3. Continue sewing your 2" loops until you have the desired amount.

4. Trim any excess thread, pull your ribbon straight to the top and cut your ribbon to the desired length. Heat Seal. Fold your ribbon into a point.

5. Wrap your ribbon over your D-ring

6. Secure the ribbons together by sewing.

****optional**** I did this due to the length of mine but it is not necessary. 
Stitch in the center of your 7/8" ribbon in the center of your holder to help hold the two ribbons together. 

Here is what my finished product looked like when complete. I now have 4 hanging from the back of her door. They are protected, easy to find and look adorable as well.You would also get a cute wood sign and staple the ribbon to it as well instead of the D-ring. The creativity with this is endless.

Be sure to post any creation on the I Like Big Bows chat group. Id love to see them!

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

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