Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Basic Stacked hairbow tutorial by Momma Sew Bizzy

Basic Stacked hairbow DIY by Momma Sew Bizzy

Pick ribbons, you need a 1 1/2" for a base bow @ 20", two for a topper bow @18" and 7-11 spikes coordinating colors/patterns @ 5 1/2" , 3/8 " ribbon for the clip and to wrap the center. 

 First, fold spikes ribbon in half with pattern on the inside and cut up at an angle, heat seal..repeat .

Once you have finished cutting and HEAT SEALING spikes you can now place them in the order you want, I play with them until I get the pattern I like. now you can do a three fold and tie in the middle to keep your spikes together, Then start on your base bow I used a pin wheel. Make sure your ends are heat sealed.hold ribbon with thumb. Wrap around hand away from you three times. Make it as even as possible.

Once you have wrapped your ribbon three times, gently pull your fingers out holding the ribbon tight so it doesn't move around. Now to do the crease, push thumb down in the center, bend then repeat again above that crease and then do the same thing below the first crease. Tie off middle tightly. you can now adjust thread so that the bow is even. Once your pinwheel is right start on your topper bow. Have two ribbons facing back to back .

Put your two ribbons back to back to the print shows on either side. Next take your inside ribbon and have it face you. Pull down to center like you would an awareness ribbon. Do the same thing to the bottom but toward the other side. It will now look like a figure 8. Fold loop in half toward center. Make sure the loops are ever and straight. Do the same thing to the other side. NOW TURN THE BOW AROUND. This is the front of your bow. The X made with the ribbon the be in the front and the = will be in the back. Crease and tie off.

Once you have all the pieces just right you can start to stack them. Add some glue to the back of the spikes, then attach the pinwheel bow to the back of it. Next line a clip and attach it to the back of the pinwheel bow

Now you are ready to attach the top bow. dab a good amount of glue on the front of the spikes right side up. put your topper bow RIGHT SIDE UP and hold for a few seconds . next Glue 3/8" ribbon in front center and wrap around bow and clip twice. Make sure you pinch the clip when you wrap so you can still open it. 

 Now your ready to add embellishments and take a few good pics on a white background and good lighting!

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