Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Woven headband tutorial (How to make woven headbands) DIY

Who doesn't love these woven headbands? They are perfect for all ages. Clip in a bow for a new look, use them to hold back bangs or grab as you run out the door to hold back those dreaded fly aways.

Looking for a craft on the go? These are perfect. Simply prep your headbands ahead of time, throw in a bag and wrap while you are out and about. I love wrapping these at markets in front of my booth to show I hand make my items.

Now how to wrap them? Once you get the rythm of the ribbons you will be finishing these in no time at all.

What you need:
  • 4 pieces of 3/8" ribbon cut to 36" (I love Ribbon Queen)
  • A hard plastic headband in your desired width. I will be using 1" in this tutorial. You can find most sizes at Ribbon and Bows Oh My
  • An alligator clip
  • A lighter
  • Scizzors
  • A glue gun
 Prep the headbands:
  • Always heat seal your ribbon ends.
  • Hot glue two pieces of ribbon together, do the same to the other two pieces. You should now have two 72" pieces of ribbon.
  • Hot glue your two long pieces together in the center to form a X
  • Hot glue the center of your X to the back of the headband as shown

Begin the wrapping/weaving:

  1. Fold down the top two ribbons and cross. I always have my left overlapping my right. (blue polka dot over the orange polka dot)
  2. Fold the top right ribbon under the headband and towards the left (blue polka dot)
  3. Wrap the remaining right stripe of ribbon over the top of the headband towards the left (orange/pink stripe)
  4. Lift your top front left ribbon out of the way(orange polka dot)
  5. Grab the highest ribbon in the back and wrap forward on top of the headband (candy print)
  6. Take that front/top ribbon, you lifted out of the way, and wrap under the ribbon resting in the back. (orange polka dot goes under the blue polka dot)
  7. The headband should then appear as if you are starting from the beginning again
  8. Clip with the alligator clip to help you keep your place and hold those ribbons snug. (Another reason I love this as an out and about craft... you can start and go easily) As you continue wrapping move the alligator clip with you.
Lets do this again...
1. Take your top right ribbon and wrap behind the headband.
2. Take the remaining ribbon piece on the right and wrap it around the front of the headband (now all of your ribbon should be on your left)

3. Lift your top ribbon out of the way and pull the highest ribbon from the back over top of the headbands front
4. Take the ribbon you just lifted out of the way and wrap it behind the headband but under the back ribbon that is remaining.
5. You should now be looking at two ribbons on each side of the headband. Repeat steps until you run out of headband.

6. When you get to the end, trim any excess and heat seal. You want to leave 1/2" of ribbon to glue onto the headband.
7. Hold back the top two ribbon ends on the outside of the headband. Hot glue the bottom ends down to the front of the headband.
8. Hot glue the top two ribbon ends to the bottom of the headband.

Play with colors and patterns. There are no limits... chevron, diamonds, stripes. It all just depends on how you place your ribbons to start. Notice my two right ribbons, when prepping, always stay on the outside. It helps to start with mixed colors/patterns before jumping to a solid headband.

Have fun with it and be sure to comment below your progress. Any tips? Questions? Let us hear them.

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

Until next time,
Megan with Little Miss Bowtique
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