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HOW TO/DIY: Adjustable Headband tutorial

I LOVE THESE and I hope you do too! They fit newborn to adult. Looking for the perfect fitting headband? These are it! I love grabbing one as I run out the door to hold back those fly aways and they are perfect for babies as they grow.

What you need..
  • FOE (Fold over elastic), I am using 5/8" here but almost any size will work. Check out your local craft stores. Most carry by their ribbon selection. 
    • 20" for your headband
    • 1.5" for your clip pocket
  • A slide and ring. Check out Sew Sassy (<click)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter for heat sealing
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing machine (optional)
Before we start, notice which side is the front and back of the fold over elastic. Notice the black... the front has a sheen and the back does not.

  1. Pull your FOE through one side of the slide
  2. Wrap through the other side of the slide
  3. Slide your ring onto the FOE
  4. Grab the end of your FOE the ring is on and pull through the inside of your slide
  5. Wrap the end around through the other entrance of the slide
  6. Fold over and glue closed
  7. You should have a product that looks like this
  8. Take the other end of your FOE and pull through your ring
  9. Wrap the end around and glue
  10. You are done! Lets add a clip pocket...
  11. Place your 1.5" of foe over the front of your clip (do not glue top down). Place dots of glue on the ends and wrap around so it is glued to the back. 
  12. You should look like this. 
See... How fun! Change out your look everyday! Told you I love these headbands.

Okay... Lets do this again but with sewing. If you don't like using a machine no worries... hot glue works just as well. Just glue where I show sewing.

This is the same process.
  • Cut and heat seal a 20" stripe and 1.5" stripe of FOE (fold over elastic)
  • Run your FOE through your slider

  • Slide the ring through one end of the FOE
  •  Wrap your FOE in and through the inside of your slide
  •  Fold your FOE in and back through your slide
  • Now... this is where you can glue or sew.
    • To sew simply stitch and back stitch your end of the FOE to the wrapped FOE
    • To glue, place a bead of glue and hold closed
  • Take the other end of your headband that is still open and wrap around your slide. Sew or hot glue. 
Attach the clip pocket...
  • Place your 1.5" of foe over the top of your headband. I like to put it next to the ring. Glue the ends down on the back of the headband. Do not glue the top... you want that open to clip in your bows!
Still confused? Go grab a near by bra and take a peek at the straps. This is the same method.

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

Until next time,
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