Friday, May 29, 2015

Simply Success, Learn to bring your business to the next level

Do you make bows as a hobby or as your business?

If you are learning (hey we never stop learning right?) and running a business... Are you ready to learn how to take your business to the next level?

You can do that with the help of Simply Success. Meg Hogan, owner of Simply Success, is now offering classes to help you build a successful business. During your week of class, you gain unlimited access to a successful small business owner who will teach you how to sell on Facebook, build your fan base, and use various forms of social media to be successful!

A little bit about Meg Hogan. She is the owner Simply Crafty, co- owner of Simply Glitzy, started Once Upon a Bow in July of 2014 and gained over 14,000 fans in that short amount of time. Meg has over 8 years of management experience, mostly with merchandising & retail management, however has manufacturing/production experience. Meg went to Rutgers University where she obtained a minor in economics, a BA in Psychology & a BS in Business Management.She then went on to obtain her Masters of Business Administration with a Human Resources specialization from Walden University.

Want to get a taste for some of what she offers? Visit her fan page Simply Success (<click here).

A new class is held weekly and has a 10 student maximum to ensure 1 on 1 attention. She offers an intro class for a week, a 6 month membership and a 12 month membership. All prices can be found on her website (<click here).

Want to sign up?(< click here)

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Take better photos of your bows with a POINT and SHOOT camera ((TIPS))

Where is a better place to learn how to take great photos than from a photographer herself?

Dana with handmade is better has some great information and tutorials on photographing your items.

One I found very helpful is Take better product photos with your point and shoot (<click here). Check it out! Photographs are very important when selling online or hey even taking pictures of those cute little faces you are with everyday.

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

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Featured: The BowChicks / GIVEAWAY!

Okay... Who doesn't love a GIVEAWAY? Especially one filled with bows, summer goodies, $25 Starbucks card and more, retail value of over $100. Awesome right?

Want to WIN?

Here's how...

RUN to The BowChicks (<click here) fan page and see their pinned post. Simply comment and tell them something fun you are looking forward to this summer! It ends on Sunday May 31st with the winner to be announced Sunday night!

Who are the bow chicks?

The BowChicks are a GROUP of very talented hair accessory designers. Beautiful designs with long lasting quality and attention to detail.

Love their bows? They are so cute and well made.

After entering this amazing giveaway check out this week's school's out for summer BIN (buy it now) event. If you don't want to miss any cute bows join their VIP group The Nest (<click here) to be able to claim your pretties first. This sale will run there before moving to their fan page at 8 pm est.

 Who are The BowChick designers?
Click on their names to be directed to their individual pages.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

FEATURED: The BowBratz (exclusive bow group)

This exclusive bow group containing top-notch designers has been bringing it since 2012!

The BowBratz is a group you HAVE to check out and this week is a perfect week to do just that.

Join them for their Disney theme auction Wednesday, May 20 6PM/CST - Friday, May 22 9PM/CST.

Aren't their bows awesome? Run to their fan page, The BowBratz (<click), to see even more. Get first views by joining their VIP page the The BowBratz Playground (<click).

Where do YOU buy ribbon for hair bows? Here's a list!

The most important supply when it comes to hair bow making is DEFINITELY ribbon!

There are SO MANY ribbon suppliers out there now. Which ones are the best? Which ones have the best prices? Cute prints? Luckily for YOU we have a handy little list right here so you don't have to spend all day searching (smile).

**Please note: These links were provided to us via the owners. We may/may not have purchased from every one on this list. As always, do your research before spending $ on any purchase via any website you are not familiar with. (Ask around too!)

Crafty Retreat RTS (Ready to Ship) Group 

 Morgan's USD ribbon stash

Sweet & Simple RTS supplies

Ribbon Rack Creations

Tutu the Moon (website)  Tutu the Moon facebook group

Crafting Overstock

Ribbon Queen

Supply My Boutique

Lia's Beads, Ribbon & Bling

Lulu's Bowtique Supply

Crafty Critter Crafts

Exclusive U.S. Designer Ribbon R'N'R

Simply Glitzy ribbon (web) Simply Glitzy Ribbon (facebook)

Rollin N Ribbon

Are you a ribbon vendor/supplier/designer? Send us your website link and we can add you to the list.

Monday, May 18, 2015

HOW TO: Pinwheel hair bow tutorial

How fun are these bows? They are those basics that every little girl needs. 
Wear them alone or clip into a headband.

Let's get started.
Supplies needed:
  • Measuring tool
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (I prefer upholstery thread so you can pull and tug without  it breaking)
  • 7/8" ribbon. I'm using Ribbon Queen here. Love her quality, selection and prices. Plus, her shipping is crazy fast!
  • 3/8" ribbon to wrap your center and clip
  • Alligator clip
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lighter for heat sealing

Decide how big you want your bow. Take that measurement and add .5" and fold your ribbon. I will demonstrate making a 3" pinwheel.
For a 3" pinwheel measure your ribbon out 3.5". Leave a 1/4" on the end. Fold diagonally.

Wrap your ribbon around and fold over again. It can be helpful to grab a couple clips and let them be another set of hands holding your fold.

Fold your ribbon in half to find your center. Pinch to crease.

See that helpful crease. We will use that as our guide for stitching.

Push your needle through the top of the bow.



Continue running your needle in/out of your ribbons.

Wrap your ribbon around matching up your edges until you have your desired amount of loops and stitch.

Pull. Crease. Wrap thread around the center. Tie off.

Fold ends in half and cut to create a v-cut.
Heat seal.

How cute! You now have an adorable pinwheel bow. And oh my... don't you love that sparkle? Ribbon Queen out did herself with this adorable ribbon.  Almost all her printed ribbon she personally designs and she only carries the best solids.

Don't just take my word for it, go check her out! Be sure to always check her facebook and instagram for coupon codes and updates on new designs.
Here are her links, click each to be directed to her pages:

Okay, back to the pinwheel hehe....

Want clarification on the stitches? See this drawing. Each dot shows where you will create a running stitch.

Now... Lets finish this cutie up so your little can start wearing.

Line your alligator clip

  1. Glue your Alligator clip to the bottom of your bow. 
  2. Pull your 3/8" ribbon through the clip, place a bead of hot glue and secure to the bow
  3. Wrap the ribbon over the front of the bow and around to the back
  4. Place a bead of hot glue and secure under your clip

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

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HOW TO/DIY: Adjustable Headband tutorial

I LOVE THESE and I hope you do too! They fit newborn to adult. Looking for the perfect fitting headband? These are it! I love grabbing one as I run out the door to hold back those fly aways and they are perfect for babies as they grow.

What you need..
  • FOE (Fold over elastic), I am using 5/8" here but almost any size will work. Check out your local craft stores. Most carry by their ribbon selection. 
    • 20" for your headband
    • 1.5" for your clip pocket
  • A slide and ring. Check out Sew Sassy (<click)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter for heat sealing
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing machine (optional)
Before we start, notice which side is the front and back of the fold over elastic. Notice the black... the front has a sheen and the back does not.

  1. Pull your FOE through one side of the slide
  2. Wrap through the other side of the slide
  3. Slide your ring onto the FOE
  4. Grab the end of your FOE the ring is on and pull through the inside of your slide
  5. Wrap the end around through the other entrance of the slide
  6. Fold over and glue closed
  7. You should have a product that looks like this
  8. Take the other end of your FOE and pull through your ring
  9. Wrap the end around and glue
  10. You are done! Lets add a clip pocket...
  11. Place your 1.5" of foe over the front of your clip (do not glue top down). Place dots of glue on the ends and wrap around so it is glued to the back. 
  12. You should look like this. 
See... How fun! Change out your look everyday! Told you I love these headbands.

Okay... Lets do this again but with sewing. If you don't like using a machine no worries... hot glue works just as well. Just glue where I show sewing.

This is the same process.
  • Cut and heat seal a 20" stripe and 1.5" stripe of FOE (fold over elastic)
  • Run your FOE through your slider

  • Slide the ring through one end of the FOE
  •  Wrap your FOE in and through the inside of your slide
  •  Fold your FOE in and back through your slide
  • Now... this is where you can glue or sew.
    • To sew simply stitch and back stitch your end of the FOE to the wrapped FOE
    • To glue, place a bead of glue and hold closed
  • Take the other end of your headband that is still open and wrap around your slide. Sew or hot glue. 
Attach the clip pocket...
  • Place your 1.5" of foe over the top of your headband. I like to put it next to the ring. Glue the ends down on the back of the headband. Do not glue the top... you want that open to clip in your bows!
Still confused? Go grab a near by bra and take a peek at the straps. This is the same method.

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

Until next time,
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How to line a hair clip/barrette when making bows

How to line a clip????

Let's get these babies prepped to attach to your bows!


  • Clip of choice
  • Alligator Clip
      • 4.5" of 3/8" ribbon
    • French Barrette
      • 5" of 3/8" ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Lighter for hot sealing
  • Scissors

Now to line....


  1. Cut and heat seal 4.5" of 3/8" ribbon
  2. Place a line of hot glue on the bottom inside of the clip and lay ribbon down
  3. Turn the clip over, place a line of hot glue and fold ribbon over the clip
  4. Place two small dots of hot glue on the top insides of the clip and fold ribbon in
  5. Run a beaded line of glue over the remaining ribbon and fold over the top of your clip
Wala! You have a lined alligator clip.


  1. Cut 5" of 3/8" ribbon and heat seal
  2. Remove center tension stripe gently
  3. Place a beaded line of glue on the back of the clip and lay ribbon down
  4. Fold ribbon around the clip and through openings (do not glue, you will do this when attaching)

Now we have these cute lined clips... Grab those bows and lets attach!

  1. Run a beaded line of glue on the back of your clip and attach to your bow of choice
  2. Wrap your center ribbon through the clip and attach with glue
  3. Wrap the other end of your center ribbon around your bow and place a bead of glue on the end
  4. Carefully place under the clip
Wahoo! You now have an alligator clip attached that will not come off.


  1. Run a line of hot glue on the back of your clip and attach to your bow
  2. Open up those ends we didn't glue down
  3. Glue down your center ribbon around the clip
  4. Now glue down those ends inside the clip
  5. Carefully re-insert the tension bar and close the clip

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

Until next time,
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