Sunday, September 16, 2012

CHEAP grosgrain ribbon for hair bows

Gifts International Inc. sells grosgrain ribbon CHEAP!

I'm NOT saying it's the best quality because it is definitely NO SCHIFF or OFFRAY however if you are new to bow making and don't want to mess up your expensive ribbons before mastering your LOOPS. I highly recommend checking them out : )

You can get 50 yds of 1.5" for a measley $4!!

What I do NOT recommend is joining a GROUP BUY on facebook and purchasing Gifts Intl ribbon! NO NO NO : )

It is much cheaper to buy it straight from the site yourself. There are buy hosts on facebook trying to make a buck or two off of you.

BUYS are meant to save you money and get GREAT products at GREAT prices. Great would be joining a buy for Offray or Schiff ribbon or some of the prints out there.

Always ask questions before handing someone your money! If they don't want to answer BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Those are just my words of advice for Sunday September 16 :) *CHEESE*

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah, that’s a bit less expensive than the others. I think those who are practicing the profession of stamping or scrapbooking can easily get resources from them without even hurting their pockets too much. I like the colors they offer, too!