Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest Post: Linda of MommyCraftsAlot answers OUR questions

~Pulled from the archives~ 
Getting you ready for a very special MCAL tutorial to debut next week ONLY on I like big bows!!!


It's 2012!! (Time to get some NEW things rolling over at I like Big Bows. Don't you agree?)

Something NEW we are working on is Guest Posts and Interviews with some of your favorite bow makers, crafters and hair gurus.

Our first interview is none other that Linda of MommyCraftsAlot *Youtube and My Name is Momma *Blog

I have "known" Linda for quite some time. She used to sell on ebay years ago when I was really big into the boutique clothing craze. I bought MANY bows from her : ) Speaking of ebay, I am not sure if you guys know this or not but she is the ORIGINAL founder of the very first ALL BOW GROUP on ebay, The Bowfairies. Her id was ribbonrockstar back then. She also went by PrincezzPigailz (originally).

She also used to sell hairbow instructions because I bought my very first set from her and back then there were only 3 sellers selling them. WOW! Have we come a long way.
**A few FACTS for ya : )

Now you can find Linda on youtube and yes her AWESOME hairbow tutorials too and her blogs (Of course when she is not busy taking care of 4 kids!)

---Let's get to business now----

*We asked Linda a few questions and here are her answers :

How long have you been selling/making hair bows? I started making bows almost 9 years ago. I wish I had a photo of my first bows. One word: EEEK! I will be the first to tell you, Practice and LOTS OF IT makes BETTER BOWS. LOL! I sold on ebay when boutique clothing was huge. I matched my bows to the designer's clothing and was a member of several Boutique groups including The BowFairies. (That was my baby at the time.) I did hand over leadership nearly 4 years ago when my kiddos were getting bigger and I was no longer able to participate in launches and things. We had some fun times back in the day!

What do you enjoy most about bow-making? I love the creativity. I like to envision something in my head and then see it come to life. I also like to help others do the same. (The reason I created MommyCraftsAlot)

Do you have a favorite bow that you have made (past or present)? Oh gosh, I don't know...It would probably be a pair of bows that I did for the Willy Wonka debut (Yeah, that was awhile back). These bows were HUGE and filled with so many different ribbon patterns and colors. I also remember they brought in a nice little price (But back then it was nothing for a pair of bows to go for $40 or even higher) Crazy, huh?

Tell us about yourself! Well, I am a 30 PLUS 3 (snicker) year old sahm to my 4 little munchkins. (You can see their photos on my blog Meghan is 13, Connor is 8, Reagan is 7 and Kennedy is 4 months old. We live in the south where sweet tea reigns supreme! I homeschool 3 out of the 4 kiddos. I enjoy crafting, vlogging, photography and cheesy comedies. Oh, I also have a hubby! We have been married nearly 14 years.

How on earth do you do it? ie: 4 kids, homeschooling, crafting, blogging etc. Well, I don't sleep! ha

Favorite websites to visit *Ahem...besides I like Big Bows (hehe) Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter

Do you have a bow IDOL (Someone that inspires you?) hmm...This is a hard question since I don't buy or sell bows anymore. I do enjoy the bows I find when I visit I like Big Bows : ) There is a lot of talent in the bowmaking world, that is for sure.

Can you share some of your designs with us? Sure! Thanks for having me!!!

I want to thank Linda so much for agreeing to be interviewed. I also want to thank her so much because she has helped I like Big Bows out tremendously over the past year. I have been a blog follower of hers since she started and will watch for what comes next!


MommyCraftsAlot on facebook

Check out the next post as Linda gives us a design idea just in time for Valentine's Day.

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