Monday, September 26, 2011

(SIGH) I really hate posting things like this . . .

BUT I feel it needs to be said and seeing as to how it's been oh....3 months since the giveaway ended...

Well, it's just shameful that I have to do this. 

I had several different website owners email me and offer giveaways.

The giveaway ended and all but ONE sent their items to the winner, Angie.

So, a great big thanks to these WONDERFUL sponsors . . .

Angie was absolutely thrilled with her winnings!

However, BB's Bowtique has still NOT delivered.

Communication? Oh, it's been there but on OUR PART---meaning mine and the winner

After many MANY emails from both of us (only 2 replies from BB's BOWTIQUE---both saying she was SHIPPING) it seems as if Angie will NOT be getting her promised winnings : (

Like I said, I hate doing these types of posts but feel that this has to be put out there from anyone that is ever thinking about hosting a giveaway or purchasing from this website.

If you purchase, Will you get your items? I'm not saying that you WON'T. 
I am just letting you know our experience working with this owner/shoppe.

Never again . . .

Shoppe Owners: If you sponsor a giveaway, FULFILL the agreement in the end.

Remember that we live in the age of Social Media : )

Psst...If you need hair bows check out the above mentioned shoppes!

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