Friday, May 6, 2011

How to get bows to stick on baby's head

Ah, moms everywhere have been trying all sorts of things when it comes to getting a bow to stick on baby's head. 

From Vaseline to KY JELLY...

What works?

Well, here's one mom's trick! Use Elmer's School glue!

idea found on The Idea Room

What tricks have you tried?


  1. We used clear Karo syrup. It held pretty strong and washed out really easy. Plus since it is basically simple sugar we had no types of reactions whatsoever and it did not pull out any of the little bit of hair that Cadence had. It worked for almost a year until she started to enjoy pulling them off.

  2. White Corn Syrup! Edible, should baby get it in her mouth, and if you accidentally get too much on, you just lick it off your finger! :)