Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where to buy RIBBON

I will include several places to buy ribbon below:

(If you know of others NOT LISTED, please leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.)

MommyCraftsAlot has a video of her favorite ribbon vendors as well (Click here) You can also find hairbow tutorials on her channel.


  1. Lilac Joy Designs makes and sells custom ribbon at great prices. Her website is www.facebook.com/lilacjoydesigns and she has an ecrater site, but I don't think she has any ribbon on it yet.

  2. Please add The Wholesale Ribbon Carnival to your list. www.wholesaleribboncarnival.com.
    They are the wholesale site Ribbon Carnival and they have the best prices for wholesale schiff ribbon on the web.

  3. Please add Oh my gosh goodies

  4. For Canadian readers looking for a source north-of-the-border for grosgrain and df satin, we offer a growing selection of solids and we're beginning our printed ribbon collection.

    We'd be thrilled if you would add us to your list :)


  5. Hi, another place that you can buy ribbon for great prices is at the http://www.hairbowcenter.com
    I bought ribbon, flowers for the headbands, and embellishments for less than i would spend at michaels, joann fabrics or any other website.

    Veroncia Kuilan

  6. RibbonsbyZipperstop.com is a brand new website and has a great selection!

  7. hi is there any website that sells M2M gymboree ribbon?