Thursday, July 2, 2015

Texas Twister hairbow tutorial / DIY

Check out this DIY for the Texas Twister bow from Sabrina of Bling by Brina.
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Twist them together...

Add another on top.....

(You may need to enlarge the photos on your screen.)

What is a multi-vendor auction? How to sell on Facebook

What is a multi-vendor auction (MVA)? 

It is simply just that. An auction hosted on a fan page with multiple vendors. :) It is an opportunity to allow bow makers and crafters from all over to list during this time. Your products will be listed on the hosts page and available for all subscribers to view and place bids. Auctions are great for making a little cash but they are also a great way to land NEW fans for your pages and be seen.

What do you do to be in an multi-vendor auction (MVA)?

First, join the groups that host often you are interested in. Pay attention for sign up dates. Some auctions fill up fast.

Does it cost money to participate in multi-vendor auctions (MVA)?

Most... YES! The hosts work very hard to advertise, organize, load, share and tag highest bidders and winners. But... the fee is very small for the exposure you receive in my opinion.

Now... Where to go to sign up for auctions?

I Like Big Bows hosts large multi-vendor auctions weekly. Anyone is welcome to participate. We do have a cap on how many participants are allowed in each auction. PLEASE NOTE: These auctions are usually BIG (meaning there will be a wide variety of listings) due to the demand in participation. If you are not comfortable selling with a large group of competitors then this may not be the auction for you. There are so many on Facebook. However, more participants = more of their subscribers popping in due to sharing on their pages! This could result in more views and fans for YOU :)

To join the I Like Big Bows vendors only group CLICK HERE.  
More questions about I Like Big Bows auctions? 
Contact Christina with Fab Creative Creations (<click).

Some other great ones to check out. . .
Please note: the auction groups are for vendors ONLY! If you are not a vendor but would like to check out their pages to see their auctions I will list them below.
Click each name to be directed to the vendor ONLY groups to join! 

Sweet Stitches and Little Britches (SSLB)
Simply Crafty Auctions
Sugar Creek Auctions
The Geeky Chicks
Blooming Bows

Now, there are a ton of auctions of Facebook. Ask around!  This is only hitting a few.

Here are the fan pages for the groups mentioned above:
Click each name to be directed to the fan pages to follow!  

What happens after you sign up for an auction?

Pay attention to each hosts requirements. Different auctions allow different amount of items, format for your listings and time/dates due. Be sure to read and agree to their rules. Take note of items they may not allow.

Once you have that information, the sooner you get your album in the better. You will create your album on YOUR business page. The first photo should be your business profile graphic, followed by the pictures of your items to be auctioned. Remember the photo sells the product... CLICK HERE to see some information of taking quality pictures. Be sure to add descriptions to each photo with the auction information. For I Like Big Bows they ask it is in this format...

Seller name:
BRIEF description (one line, please)
Starting bid: (SB)
Shipping amount:
Special instructions (leave pp info/Ready to ship/Shipping time etc.)
Due to allergy concerns please include in your descriptions if there is smoking or pets in your home.

Remember less is more with descriptions. Here is an example. . .
5" OTT mermaid bow
SB: $10
Shipping: $3 (combine shipping)
Please leave clip preference and pay pal email with bid. Ready to ship.
Pet and Smoke free home.

Once your album is ready and follows all of the hosts guidelines, copy the link of the album on your page and post it in the designated location in the hosts group. Some ask they are posted in events set up, others will have a thread going they prefer.

Now, its time to wait until Auction Day! :)

How to decide what to put as a Starting Bid (SB)?

Now this is hard to answer, mainly because it really varies. Be sure your retail price is correct before you start deciding this. Your retail price varies on experience, detail, size etc.

Once you are comfortable with that, a good base line is your SB will be a rounded number of 40% less than your retail.

So... Retail - 40% = roundabout SB to look at. This does differ with certain bows and auction styles. Its your items, so start the bidding at what YOU are comfortable with. 

You will see items start at $1 at times.This is a great strategy that can either work awesome at getting traffic to your item or really hurt at close. Its a risk but sometimes worth taking.

Some auctions allow you to list a Buy It Now (BIN) price to your items. Some people LOVE these. If you do, I highly suggest adding a cut off point. For example. . .
SB: $10
BIN: $16 (not valid after first bid) or (not valid after bidding reaches $12)

What's your job once an auction has opened?

Advertise!!!! Share your items, tell people where to go to find them. Yes, its awesome you are already being exposed to a whole new audience but you never know if your current audience might want to bid as well. So SHARE SHARE SHARE. A good rule of thumb is to share at least once per day.

Remember sharing is caring! Be sure to not just go through liking and commenting on your items but share the love and comment and like others. Exposure for everyone just helps you even more. 

Unless otherwise stated, you will not be tagging highest bidders and/or winners. Admins normally take care of all of that.

Also, When commenting or answering questions, on your items, it is best to try to do so from your business profile. It gives them another opportunity to click something to get to your page. :)

What happens once the auction closes?

Invoice quickly! Once paid, ship ASAP!  Now get ready for your next auction.

Hope this help! Any questions be sure to comment below or come visit us in the I Like Big Bows chat group!

Until next time,
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mini Cheer Bow tutorial / DIY

Mini (4 inch) Cheer Bow Tutorial

What you will need:



         embroidery thread

         2.25 grosgrain ribbon (18 inches)

         3 inches 3/8 matching grosgrain ribbon

         pony o or partially lined alligator clip

         lighter (for heat sealing)

         small zip tie (optional)

         jewelry snipping tool

         glue gun/glue sticks (not pictured)

To begin, Cut 18 inches of 2.25 ribbon and fold in half to make a visible crease.

 (Optional) Mark the ribbon where your crease is (this will help with centering your bow)

Next you are going to cross the tails of your ribbon around the front and angle downward as shown in the picture (keeping your center crease in the middle)

Keeping the bow centered - you are going to stitch the top two ribbons only and secure with thread.

only and secure with thread.

Stitch the back ribbon in the center (where your mark is) and secure with thread.

Your bow should look like this.

Center your front and back stitches and secure them together with thread.

Now it is time to secure your Pony O (or alligator clip) to the back center of your bow and secure with thread.

***Optional**** Add your zip tie to the center of your bow and secure with the connecter to the lower back of your bow. Use your jewelry snips to cut the excess piece off.

Glue your 3/8 ribbon on to your Pony O (or back of your clip).

Wrap the ribbon around the center and glue to the back.

Make your V cuts by folding your ribbon in half and cut at an upward angle. Dont forget to heat seal your ends!

 Be sure to post your cute creations on the I Like Big Bows chat group, we would love to see. 

Tutorial brought to by Lady J Bowtique
follow her to see all of her adorable creations. 
click each to be directed to her links. . . 

Friday, June 26, 2015

HOW TO MAKE: Hanging Headband and Bow Holder / DIY

I recently changed my daughters room. With her growing collection and new love for hard headbands I needed to find a creative solution to store her pretties. Here is what I came up with. I am loving that french barrettes clip into the 7/8" ribbon perfectly, her piggies can be clipped into the 1.5" ribbon and center and best of all.... Great hard headband storage.

Supplies need:
  • 1.5" ribbon in the desired length of your holder
  • 7/8" ribbon (I recommend leaving this on the roll and cutting in the end, you will see why)
  • A 2" D-ring
  • Sewing machine with coordinating thread 
  • Lighter for heat sealing

For this tutorial I am using... 30" of 1.5'' ribbon, 60" of 7/8" and I have 12 loops. All the ribbon you see here is from Ribbon Queen. You can find her by clicking the following links. . .

1. Start at the end of your ribbons. Heat seal and stitch them together.

2. Measure out 4" and loop your ribbon and stitch it again. (this gives you a 2" loop)

3. Continue sewing your 2" loops until you have the desired amount.

4. Trim any excess thread, pull your ribbon straight to the top and cut your ribbon to the desired length. Heat Seal. Fold your ribbon into a point.

5. Wrap your ribbon over your D-ring

6. Secure the ribbons together by sewing.

****optional**** I did this due to the length of mine but it is not necessary. 
Stitch in the center of your 7/8" ribbon in the center of your holder to help hold the two ribbons together. 

Here is what my finished product looked like when complete. I now have 4 hanging from the back of her door. They are protected, easy to find and look adorable as well.You would also get a cute wood sign and staple the ribbon to it as well instead of the D-ring. The creativity with this is endless.

Be sure to post any creation on the I Like Big Bows chat group. Id love to see them!

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

Until next time,
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Monday, June 22, 2015


This giveaway is now closed.

The winner is :

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Want to win a $25 gift certificate to the Simply Glitzy website?

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This giveaway will end June 28th @ 6pm CST. GOOD LUCK!
Simply Glitzy is a pair of bow makers who had a TON of awesome ribbon design ideas! They came together to bring you exclusive US Designer ribbon. 
Meg Hogan with Simply Crafty
Danielle Edwards with Glitz N Gigglez Boutique 
If you order 25 yd of ribbon on average per month, their wholesale group is for you:
Here are some samples of their recent designs:

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

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*Freebie* Shopkins bottlecap images for your hair bows/necklaces (Shopkins Season 3)

Please remember: Any FREEBIE you find here on this blog is NOT TO BE RESOLD!
Print the document on 4x6 cardstock or photo paper for best results.
You will need a 1 inch bottlecap punch as well :)

Have fun creating!

(Right click on image and then save to your computer for actual size.)

More Shopkins Season 3 bottle caps coming soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Featured: The Bow Authority (elite bow design group)

The Bow Authority is a group of 16 seasoned and top-notch hair accessory boutiques who, under the leadership of Amanda Vasquez of Little Bit Bows and Ericka Lee of The Fun Fairy Boutique, come together several times a month to offer fresh new hair accessories through auction-style "launches" in a variety of fun and trendy themes. Their $1 monthly "Bow Blitz" Auction is especially popular among their growing fan base. Each of the TBA boutiques were selected for membership based on experience, individual style, as well as their stand alone prominence and excellent reputation within the bow community making TBA an elite and unique force.

Check them out here:  
click each to be directed to their links
Facebook Page
Exclusive Fan Group

Join them this week for: Our Art of Animation Launch is from Sun 6/21- Mon 6/22 

Meet the designers behind the group:

Little Bit Bows The Fun Fairy Boutique A Girl and Her Glue Gun Joy of Hannah Boutique KJK Hair Pretty Bow-tique Dirt Road Princess Boutique Bows Inspired by Bre Spoiled Brat Designz The Flying Monkey Bowtique Delannie's Designs Kota's Bowtique Bows for Her Kiddie Kids Boutique Linsay Rae Designs Modbaby Designs AddieLu's Boutique

The Bow Authority is currently searching for new member boutiques who are experienced in their craft, have an established Facebook presence, are well-versed in auctions and online selling in general, and have expertise and unique creativity in the following areas:
*Ribbon Sculpting *Ribbon Painting *Flower Making

Sorry, we are not looking for bow makers at this time. Interested experienced boutiques may email us at for more information and an application.

Keep checking the blog... more to come! Comment any requests below!

Until next time,
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